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New 2014: Cobra Long Rang Locator, Learn more about the newest Cobra Metal Detector made in Germany.




CoBra L-R-L

The COBRA LRL 500 M is able to perform at a distance up to 2.000 m. COBRA L . R . L  is  developed in  order  to allow you to search & determine Gold, Silver, bronze, copper, diamond, emerald, aluminium, iron,water, caves and cavities perfectly in a distance up to 2.000 m by its filtering feature. You can perform searches in the mode you wish in a frequency range between 001 and 999 and set the frequency you desire and perform searches thanks to its electronic circuits. Another great feature of COBRA LRL is the depth calculation feature, that it has the feature  to  determine  the  depth  of  the found object by performing a depth estimation calculation between 1 m to 15 m. American microprocessors and many other integrated circuits, transistors etc. are used.


Cobra was founded only to realize one main goal: to create  the  most powerful  Metal  Detector  made in Germany for custmer all over the world . To all the professional prospectors, amateurs, adventures, and all the industrial and military companies,Cobra Metal Detector is ready to hunt Gold, Diamond, and all kind of metals, as well as water, tunnels, cavities and pipelines at extreme depth.

CoBra Metal Detector

In ancient times, before there were any metal detectors, underground imaging systems and resistivity devices for finding gold reserves, water sources, underground cavities, silver and iron ores, people had performed searches with very primitive methods, using simple metal rods, today namely called rods, they had made by diverse methods in order to find troves or mine ores. But it should not be forgotten that these people had an excellent skills and techniques for reading the terrain, pre-exploration and trailing. And they had nothing else. Though these rods were not that reliable, they could achieve the result by their experience and knowledge. At present, with the development of electronic devices and the supportive features of chemical elements, scanners and detectors, with which you can find precious metal ores and troves from remote distances for the search of treasuries and troves. Finding the location of precious metals from remote distances will not be difficult by the usage of the COBRA LRL area scanning detector with very developed and technological electronic circuits, being used by a skilled and experienced operator.




CoBra Metal Detector

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